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periodontist for gum disease and periodontal disease in Dayton and BeavercreekPeriodontic specialists focus on making sure your gum tissue is strong and healthy. A periodontist works to prevent periodontal disease (also known as gum disease), and to maintain your overall gum health. Gum disease can cause serious health problems, and tooth loss. Swollen bleeding gums can cause a patient discomfort and unnecessary day to day pain. Periodontic treatments work to prevent these problems and to solve them for patients who are already suffering.

At our Dayton practice, our periodontal specialist, Dr. Barry Simms, can offer many treatments and services that can help you enjoy greater gum health:

  • PERIODONTAL MAINTENANCE | Our periodontal maintenance services work to keep your gums healthy and strong, and to prevent periodontal disease. With regular periodontal maintenance you can avoid gum problems and enjoy greater oral health and overall wellness.
  • PERIODONTAL SCALING AND ROOT PLANING | Periodontal scaling and root planing is used to clean out bacteria and plaque in the gumlines and to treat gingivitis. Scaling and planing clean deep into your gums with a special tool that gets rid of plaque and tartar. This deep cleaning can be a safe and effective way to treat gum disease and to prevent future problems.
  • CROWN LENGTHENING | Crown lengthening is a special procedure performed specifically by a periodontist to expose more of your tooth structure before it is restored or replaced with a crown. This allows the crown to be set deeper into the gumline to better protect your teeth and keep them healthy.
  • GINGIVECTOMIES | Gingivectomies are a type of oral surgery that is performed by a periodontist on patients who are suffering from severe gum disease and require serious treatment. A gingivectomy is an option for patients when the disease has progressed to a level where planing and scaling and antibiotics will no longer work. During a gingivetomy, the infected gum tissue will be professionally removed.
  • OSSEOUS SURGERY | Osseous surgery is a treatment for patients who’ve suffered bone loss from gum disease. Gum disease can cause holes or defects in the jawbones in your mouth. With osseous surgery, your periodontist can reshape and restore your bone.

For more information on our periodontic procedures or periodontal disease, call our Dayton office with any questions or to set up an appointment. We would love to meet with you and discuss your options if you are in the area, including the surrounding communities of Beavercreek and Centerville, OH!

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