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Oral Surgery

dental surgery with an oral surgeon in Dayton near Centerville OHAn accomplished oral surgeon can use oral surgery to treat a number of serious dental conditions. For patients with serious problems like lost or impacted teeth, oral surgery can restore comfort and functionality.

The tooth pain associated with dental problems is often unbearable. Our oral surgeon can provide relief for patients who are suffering from terrible toothaches. We care about our patients and want them to enjoy optimal quality oral health.

With oral surgery we can fix problems and allow our patients to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Our oral surgeon is a trained professional who can perform a wide range of necessary and vital oral surgeries including:

WISDOM TEETH EXTRACTIONS | When wisdom teeth come into a patient’s mouth and there isn’t room for them, they can become impacted and cause a patient serious pain and alignment issues. They can cause a patient’s back teeth to become crooked and develop other problems. At our practice, we perform wisdom teeth extractions to prevent these problems and to help our patients stay comfortable and happy.

dental implants are placed by our oral surgeon in Dayton Ohio near BeavercreekDENTAL IMPLANTS | Patients who have lost teeth don’t need to lose hope. Our oral surgeon can place dental implants in the mouths of patients who have lost teeth. These implants look and function just like a regular tooth. The synthetic tooth root is made with a titanium alloy that directly fuses with the patient’s jawbone.

ALL-ON-4 | All on 4 implants can be used for patients who have lost a substantial amount of teeth and may require dentures. Using four dental implants, our oral surgeon will be able to attach your dentures more firmly for better occlusion, and better functionality. With All-on-4, your dentures won’t slip and will fit much more comfortably in your mouth.

BONE GRAFTS | Bone grafts can help with TMDs or other jaw issues. A bone graft can add more bone to your jaw. It is a safe and effective way to treat dental problems and to give your jawbone more mass and strength. With a bone graft you will be able to move your mouth comfortably again and relieve the headaches caused by TMDs or other jaw related problems.

We are excited to offer oral surgery to provide tooth pain relief to patients suffering from serious dental problems and to help restore smiles.

Please contact us at our office if you have any questions about the procedures or whether oral surgery can help you. We are located in Dayton, Ohio and serve patients from all around the Dayton area, including Beavercreek and Centerville OH.

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