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Tooth Extractions

have a tooth pulled or wisdom teeth extracted by a Dayton orthodontist near BeavercreekAt our practice, we will do everything in our power to help you enjoy and keep your natural teeth. However, sometimes to protect your oral and overall health, a tooth extraction might be necessary. If a tooth becomes severely infected, it may need to be extracted before the damage can reach other teeth, or the infection can travel to other areas and cause serious health problems. Teeth that are impacting your other teeth or causing other significant damage, may also need to be extracted.

Your wisdom teeth are a series of back molars that generally start to erupt when you are a teenager or young adult. When there isn’t enough room for the wisdom teeth to fully erupt they can become impacted and cause serious damage to your other teeth and significant pain. Our oral surgeon performs wisdom teeth extractions to protect your overall health and oral wellness. Every mouth is unique, and your dentist will talk to you individually about the best course of action for dealing with your wisdom teeth.

At our practice we offer two different types of tooth extractions:

  • SIMPLE EXTRACTIONS | Simple extractions are performed when the tooth that needs to be removed has already erupted. In this case, a local anesthetic will be administered to the area and then the dentist will perform the extraction on your tooth with efficiency and with great care.
  • SURGICAL EXTRACTIONS | Surgical extractions are performed when the tooth has not yet erupted and is still below the gumline. In this instance, an oral surgeon will perform the extraction using oral surgery. For a patient’s comfort, IV sedation may be administered before the surgery.

We provide meaningful and gentle dental care for our patients in the Dayton area, from Beavercreek to Centerville OH. If you are experiencing a severe tooth infection, or need your wisdom teeth removed, we can provide you with the high quality dental care and compassion you need.

To find out more about extractions and to schedule an appointment to have a tooth pulled, call our office today.

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