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endodontics for toothache pain near Centerville with an endodontist in Dayton OhioAn endodontist is concerned with the insides of your teeth. Every tooth contains an inner pulp chamber and nerves that travel from the pulp chamber down into the roots of your teeth through canals. When the pulp chamber or the nerves become infected, they can cause serious toothaches, dental problems, and even serious diseases. At our practice, our endodontist specializes in making sure the pulp inside your teeth remains healthy.

If you are experiencing a severe toothache, it could be a sign that the pulp has become infected, and you may need endodontic treatment, or root canal therapy.

There are several benefits to having your root canal performed by an endodontist:

  • Our endodontist uses the most advanced technology to perform root canal procedures.
  • Because our specialist focuses almost exclusively on endodontics, your endodontist has more experience performing the procedure than a general dentist.
  • Because our specialist has extra experience, your endodontist can perform a more precise and efficient procedure.

root canal services near Beavercreek with an endodontist DaytonAn endodontist can also help if you’ve had a root canal done in the past and have started experiencing toothaches again. This could be a sign that the root canal did not heal properly and you may need an endodontic retreatment or an apicoetomy.

ENDODONTIC RETREATMENT | During an endodontic retreatment, your endodontist will reopen the tooth that the root canal was performed on, remove the filling and examine the tooth for the problem that is causing your toothache. When the problem is found, your endodontist will remove or sterilize the infected area, and replace the filling with new materials. A new crown will be used to protect the tooth from future damage.

APICOECTOMY | If the problem is near the apex of the tooth root, your endodontist will perform an apicoectomy. During an apicoetomy, the root tip will be removed along with any of the infection, and a filling will be used to reseal the root.

A brief animation depicting the root canal procedure.

Our endodontist is excited to help ease your toothache and provide you with meaningful, endodontic treatment. To find out more about endodontics, or to schedule an appointment, contact our office. Our endodontist, Dr. Sheen Goel, is eager to provide services to patients all over the Dayton area, from Beavercreek and Bellbrook, to Kettering and Centerville OH!

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